Updating blackberry firmware Dating 7th date

Posted by / 07-Nov-2017 23:47

The answer to the second part of your question is also 'No'.

If you force a firmware update, it goes over HTTP instead of through a secure SSL connection, as evidenced by Wireshark logs on tests on the toy to PTP.

What follows is our step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your Black Berry's OS, or install a different version, as well as how to prepare beforehand to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

To start a new operating system install, you'll need your Black Berry, an Internet-connected PC, a USB cable and about an hour and half of free time—50 minutes or an hour for the upgrade process and 30 minutes or catch-up time afterwards.

"We acknowledge the concern over the security of Io T devices, and would like to lead the Connected Play space with security at the forefront of our strategy." The Android app that controls the BB-8 talks to the droid over Bluetooth.

PTP found there’s no PIN security in the pairing process, another relative minor security bug.

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The bug is not serious but worth mentioning as it illustrates a class of mistake that poses a much greater risk if it applied to a home hub or router.