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Local authorities must consider how to meet each person’s specific needs rather than simply considering what service they will fit into.

As such, wellbeing should be seen as the common theme around which care and support is built at local and national level.

To give another example, the concept of wellbeing is very important when responding to someone who self-neglects, where it will be crucial to work alongside the person, understanding how their past experiences influence current behaviour.

The duty to promote wellbeing applies equally to those who, for a variety of reasons, may be difficult to engage.

1.11 Whenever a local authority carries out any care and support functions relating to an individual, it must act to promote wellbeing – and it should consider all of the aspects above in looking at how to meet a person’s needs and support them to achieve their desired outcomes.

However, in individual cases, it is likely that some aspects of wellbeing will be more relevant to the person than others.

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1.2 Local authorities must promote wellbeing when carrying out any of their care and support functions in respect of a person.

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