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It conducts a public analysis to ask the public whether they would snog (kiss), marry or avoid the participant, as well as another random question which offers those questioned another chance to praise or criticise.After the questions it allows the person to choose their style based on a celebrity and dresses them accordingly.POD was called Stylomat in this TV format (portmanteau of the words style and automat).

The Italian version Dire, Fare, Baciare Italia started airing in February 2014 presented by Carla Gozzi.

was a British reality television show broadcast on BBC Three, produced by Remarkable Television.

The first four series were presented by Atomic Kitten member Jenny Frost, with Ellie Taylor presenting from the fifth series onwards.

Repeats also gained good ratings, becoming one of BBC Three's top shows.

London Live was repeatedly aired of all 6 series of the programme from the Jenny Frost and Ellie Taylor eras and was previously showed on BBC Three.

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