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Single community Bremen

On the return passage to Germany Bremen took the eastbound Blue Riband with a time of 4 days 14 hours and 30 minutes and an average speed of 27.91 knots (51.69 km/h), the first time a liner had broken two records on her first two passages.The mailplane was launched on the eastbound voyage in the English Channel near Cherbourg carrying 18,000 letters to Bremerhaven where it delivered the mail many hours ahead of the ship's arrival.

The maximum steam generating capacity was 500 tons/h.

As Nazism gained power in Germany, Bremen and her pier in New York were often the site of Anti-Nazi demonstrations.

On 26 July 1935 a group of communist demonstrators boarded Bremen just before she sailed and tore the Nazi flag from the jackstaff and tossed it into the Hudson River.

Bremen was notable for her bulbous bow construction, high-speed engines, and low, streamlined profile.

At the time of her construction, she and her sister ship Europa were the two most advanced high-speed steam turbine ocean liners of their day.

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