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Marcel Nadjari, a Greek Jew, described in his notes how thousands were being taken 'packed like sardines' to gas chambers daily.

At 26 years old, he was one of 2,200 members of Sonderkommando, a group of Jewish prisoners forced to escort fellow Jews to the chambers and aid with the disposal of their bodies.

In Japan, the stereotype has been named "Hard Gay".

While it's possible to be camp but not gay, combining this trope with Camp Straight is difficult to do in a way that doesn't just look like a straightforward case of Testosterone Poisoning or perhaps Real Men Wear Pink. If a muscular-looking character is gay, but not a stereotype, then he's Manly Gay.

In his manuscript, Nadjari explained the horrors of leading fellow prisoners to the gas chambers every day.'The crematorium is a big building with a wide chimney and 15 ovens,' he wrote, the BBC reported. One is where people undress and the other is the death chamber.'The Sonderkommando was forced to burn the bodies, and collect women's hair and cold filings before throwing the ashes into a nearby river.'People enter it naked and once about 3000 are inside it is locked and they are gassed.

We can also surmise that his intent was probably to get beyond the talking and handshaking level. Lewis Nixon is the individual most focused-on in this episode, and we can see a maddening array of events which wreaked havoc on his psyche.

The sad events connected to his liason/observer jump with the 17th ABD across the Rhine river, his pending divorce(including loss of dog), the failure to understand him by the top echelon of leaders in the 506th, his self-deprecation for not having fired his weapon in combat during the entire war, all merged, to drive his alcohol habit.

So compelling were these urges that eventually the hardline policy went unenforced.

In the 1945 photo above, a 502 trooper chats-up a fraulein in violation of the non-fraternization policy.

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But Russian historian Pavel Polian has now used digital imaging to re-create the messages and they have now been decoded for the first time.

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