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Russian dating site pics reddit nba

WHAT TO SEE & DO If Dusseldorf is the Hautstadt -- a play of the German word haupstadt (capital) and the French haute -- of Germany, the Konigsallee is its display window.

The Ko, as the locals call it, is a kilometer-long luxury shopping boulevard.

Others shared that they were a fan of the woman's approach as displayed by gypsycthulhu666 who wrote, 'I love this'.

While vash1024 typed, 'Seems like my kinda girl lol'.

Redditor dan15148 wrote: 'It's not about the size of the toothbrush it's about how well you brush your teeth'.

And Bee Pee75 asked, 'Anyone else trying to swipe this picture?

'However, the picture also divided those commenting on it, with several Redditors not seeing the funny side.

A sentiment shared by Radical-Ric: 'It’s not about the size of the toothbrush it’s how you use the toothbrush. For Redditor scandalousmambo, the post provided the perfect opportunity for him to lament the lack of transparency on dating apps.

'The number of real girls on Tinder is directly proportional to the number of real jobs on,' he wrote.

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"Honestly, I thought it looked good the entire time!