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When a man grows fatigued it is G-d’s will that he sleep.When human acts of eating, drinking, procreating and sleeping are done as responses to the dictates of human nature they too are mitzvos.The river responded “you go to do the Will of your Creator and I go (flow) to do the Will of my Creator.There is only a chance that you will fulfill the Creator’s Will but, so long as I flow, I’m most definitely fulfilling the Creator’s Will.A world that does not perceive god as the Creator is unready to accept G-d as the Divine Legislator.

I will extricate you from the burdens of Egypt and free you from their slavery.Ha Shem brought the cosmos into being through the “10 pronouncements”.All that exists in the cosmos, and the way in which they function, are expressions of Ha Shems will.As such it follows that every one of Ha Shem’s non-free-will-endowed creatures that behave according to natural law is, in a sense, performing mitzvos.Rav Tzadok, the Lubliner Kohen, teaches that just as in the macrocosm, a river running downstream is “running to do with the Will of its Creator” so too, in the microcosm known as man, all the natural impulses induce man to “run to do the Will of his Creator.” When a man thirsts, it is G-d’s will that he hydrate himself.

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