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One excellent checking account alternative is Bluebird by American Express and Wal Mart. It lets you may direct deposit, use online bill pay, and even write checks.Bluebird is also unique in that it lets you set up family sub-accounts, so you can give your teenager or another family member limited access to your Bluebird funds.So if you’ve made checking account mistakes in the past – especially issues like frequent overdrafts or unpaid obligations – you may be denied when you apply for a new savings or checking account.In addition, some banks pull your credit report and will deny your application if your credit score doesn’t meet their requirements.In the meantime, you may need to take advantage of other bank account options so that you can pay your mortgage on time and avoid hefty transfer or cashier’s check fees.Prepaid cards were once known for their outrageous fees, but they’re becoming much more reasonable in recent years.

Like your credit reports, you can get one free copy of your Chex Systems report every twelve months.Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, banks are required to tell you why you’ve been denied a bank account.The most likely reason to be denied an account is that you’ve got an outstanding debt with a bank – often because of unpaid bank fees.The report will show which bank or banks have reported you and why.If you owe a bank money according to your Chex Systems report, you’ll need to either negotiate with the bank you owe to pay off the debt, or dispute the report as inaccurate.

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