Dr house s3e15 online dating

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Dr house s3e15 online dating

's Shonda Rhimes: Cristina and Owen "absolutely" still love each other 14.

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Not only that, but it lead to Callie and Arizona's wedding, which — while not the first lesbian nuptials on broadcast television — was certainly a momentous occasion. "The Other Side of This Life Parts 1 and 2" — Season 3, Episode 22 and 23 What happened: The two-hour episode serves as a backdoor pilot for , which sees Addison (Kate Walsh) venture to Los Angeles to reunite with old friends Naomi (played by Merrin Dungey, later replaced by Audra Mc Donald) and Sam (Taye Diggs) in hopes of enlisting their help to get pregnant.

It also marksthe episode where Thatcher Grey's (Jeff Perry) wife Susan (Mare Winningham) dies essentially from hiccups.

Additionally, Teddy (Kim Raver) admits her love for Henry (Scott Foley), while Mark (Eric Dane) does the same for Lexie, but she says he needs to let her go so she can fully be with Jackson.

Why it was a game-changer: It was the first of many falling dominoes in the Cristina and Owen relationship that eventually led to the couple's demise. "Dark Was the Night" — Season 8, Episode 9 What happened: When Henry is brought into the hospital vomiting blood, Teddy has Cristina unwittingly operate on him.

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Ups Camilla Luddington, Gaius Charles, more to series regular — who's missing? — made famous by the series, like "Chasing Cars" and "Breathe (2AM)," Callie wakes up and proposes to Arizona.