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Dating a stewardess

First, let’s start with the basics: who IS this person we call Flight Attendant? Actually, they’re parents and spouses and significant others and sons and daughters. Seriously, they can and they will if they have to–and trust me, I’ll explain later– I’m not kidding. It might be be something simple like overfilling your coffee cup purposely so you’ll have to spill it (that was one of MDB’s specialties) or even the patented Flight Attendant “eff you” that is given so subtly and sweetly that you don’t even realize till the cart and flight attendant are three rows back before you think it through and realize, “Hmmmm . ” And they’ve answered the question at least as many times, plus they made a P. To which I would add, “you douchebag” but Flight Attendants are more skilled and less vulgar than I am. In the cockpit, I actually have separate zone-controlled (by me) air conditioning and recirculation. And sure, you have some weird ideas about what goes on beyond that cockpit door, don’t you?Rather, they must deal with a lot of childishness in flight on both sides of the cockpit door. In fact, let’s just go over important facts you NEED to know if you’re going to deal with flight attendants (of course you are, in flight), or date a flight attendant (you THINK you are, but that’s in YOUR dream, not theirs and they don’t get much sleep these days anyway), or maybe even you want to BE one (What, you’re finally off suicide watch, now this? Back to the long metal tube you’re paying a few bucks to be trapped in rather than face the freeway for days on end getting to whatever destination you’ve coughed up your vacation savings for.Even though Christmas is over now, I thought I’d show you a few pictures from my trip to New York.I bid for the flight in December specifically to see the beautiful Christmas lights, and although I only got rostered a 24 hour layover, I made sure to make the most of it!Once we got to our rooms, I freshened up and got ready for the cold!when it comes to Flight Attendants) where June Cleaver vacuums in pearls and heels? And they come from, well, The common denominator seems to be the ability to get along with nearly anyone. No, it’s not that they handle children on board in their role as Flight Attendant. Let’s just cut to the chase: here’s what you really want to know. Suffice it to say that we pilots get “the royal treatment.” Now let’s move on.So anyway, many, it seems, have a background in Education: either as a college degree or as a teacher–or both. The air in the jet is fine, it’s just the people like you who muck it up with your coughing, sneezing and personal exhaust if you know what I mean and I think you do. As long as they’re trapped and required to endure assorted emissions from both of your ends (sometimes you’d have to think that the ones from your south end are more tolerable than the “what do you have?

D.; the bass player in my band (shoutout to Angela! Hence, “crop dusting.” That’s the diabolical plan by which they spray front to back on board so that by the time you get smacked in the face There’s nothing you can do about this, by the way, except take small breaths. Finally, here’s the last and probably most important thing you should know: 3. And that’s what they’re on board for–not just to tell you what beverages are available, not to entertain you, but actually to save your ass in the worst possible moment of your life.If aviation is part of your life then Love Air is your pilot dating site.We're here for the pilots, air crew, private aviators, airline staff, air traffic controllers, and anyone who enjoys the sites and sounds of the world of aviation.They are ready with first aid and CPR and a defibrillator and a fire extinguisher and oxygen and anything else you or I might need in flight.Not what we “want” in flight, although they take care of all they can–but most importantly, .

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They can hang with anyone, talk to anyone, and they’ll save the life of anyone, in the air or on the ground. And be sure, if nothing else, that you know what you’d like to drink BEFORE the cart gets to you.